Warframe Angels of the Zariman Expansion Now Available for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S

Unravel one of the greatest mysteries of war frame returning to the abandoned ship where it all began.

few places in war frame they are as shrouded in mystery as the Zariman Ten Zero. The events that unfolded aboard this colony ship set in motion the entire history of the Tenno and their quest to save the Origin System. Now, with the release of the free Zariman’s Angels expansion on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, you can return to where it all began to unravel the secrets of what happened in Zariman Ten Zero all those years ago.

secrets of the past

Following the climactic conclusion of last year’s film search the new war, Zariman’s Angels Pick up right where the story left off. A haunting and ethereal song is radiating through the radio waves of the Origin System. Your source? The Zariman Ten Zero. You must return to this abandoned ship and face your horrible past to stop the song and the cosmic threat it heralds. By doing so, you’ll get a clearer picture of what really happened to the Zariman Ten Zero: How did this colony ship end up trapped in The Void? What insidious force led parents to turn against their children? And, perhaps most important of all, what nightmares now haunt its abandoned halls, filling them with a divine choir of song?

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Once you complete the new mission, you’ll be able to take on three challenging new game modes that will test your Warframe and Operator skills in new and exciting ways. In Void Flood, you need to make the most of your Warframe’s parkour abilities to collect Vitoplast scattered throughout Zariman, using it to seal Void Ruptures before Void Corruption’s debilitating effects overwhelm you. Seal too many Void Rifts, however, and you’ll incur the wrath of a Thrax Centurion, a powerful and extremely agile new foe capable of taking on other bodies to continue its assault.

Void Cascade is a new endless mission where you must stabilize the rising levels of Void Contamination by purging special machines known as Exolizers. However, stay alert. Each Exolizer in your purge spawns a Thrax Centurion which, if not killed quickly, will manifest an even more dangerous Void Pollution. The cleaner Exolizers, the more mayhem you unleash.

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Finally, Void Armageddon tasks you with defending Zariman’s Reliquary Drive from endless waves of enemies. In order to survive, you’ll need to reuse old Zariman technology, such as exo-dampers, which weaken nearby enemies but, if destroyed, grant them powerful but random buffs. As the onslaught intensifies, you can build additional suppressor turret defenses, such as the Faradon turret that emits blasts of lightning that take out multiple enemies.

Enter the Dormizone

Secrets from the past aren’t the only thing you’ll discover as you wander through Zariman. In our new social hub, Chrystalith, you can meet other players and start new quests together seamlessly. Rank up in a new Syndicate to unlock powerful Void-mutated Incarnon weapons that evolve and develop new powers as you use them. Or invest in items to decorate and upgrade your very own Dormizone apartment, a fully customizable space for you to relax between excursions to the Zariman’s lower decks. Upon reaching max rank with the new Syndicate, you can even upgrade your apartment to a Vista Suite complete with your very own Vistagraph. This machine allows you to further customize your Dormizone by changing its view to overlook stunning otherworldly landscapes.

Warframe Angels of the Zariman expansion screenshot

There is so much in the Zariman’s Angels expansion that we can’t wait for players to discover. Once you complete the new quest, you’ll be able to roam the halls of Zariman, collect powerful new Incarnon weapons, take on new bounty quests, earn new Syndicate rewards, and even create a new Warframe, Gyre. But first, you’ll have to play war frame now to uncover the dark mystery at the heart of this legendary ship.

war frameZariman’s Angels The expansion is now available for free on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.

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