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It’s 2021, almost 2022, and that nasty COVID-19 pandemic is still putting a damper on personal events. Still, Digital Extremes has been busy with their ever-popular (and free) game warframe, and invited us to a special hands-off virtual demo of their latest upcoming expansion, The New War. Rebecca Ford, also known formally as the Director of Community and Live Operations at Digital Extremes, and also the voice actress behind The Lotus, walked us through some new sections of the upcoming expansion, and we’ve got a preview for you below.

Warframe: The New War Preview – Maybe a Finale

So, what’s new this time? The main attraction is in the title, The New War. This is a brand new cinematic quest, something Digital Extremes has released a lot in the past. When asked during the demo, Rebecca said it took her about four hours to complete, and she knows exactly what to do. This story takes place in three acts, which will apparently resolve some storylines that started way back in 2015. This includes the Lotus, Erra and Ballas. Don’t know these characters? Well, you will be by the time you complete the 14 missions required to play the new content. Yes, this campaign has a lot of missions that you need to complete before you can even start The New War. However, the payout should be worth it for veterans of warframe who have been patiently waiting for the past few years to see what will happen to the Lotus and the rest of the main characters.

There are also new playable characters that are neither a Warframe nor the Operator of the player character. The story centers on three factions forming a shaky alliance to take down the much greater threat posed by the Sentients. For example, Tenshin from the Tenno clan, Kahl-175 from the Grineer, and Veso from Corpus Tech are all playable during key chapters of the campaign. This will be a first for players controlling anyone other than their Operator or equipped Warframe, and it will be interesting to see how the game feel adapts to these new characters.

In addition to the new campaign, a new Warframe will also be launched alongside the expansion. It’s called Caliban and it’s actually a hybrid of Warframe and Sentient technology. In terms of design, it has a huge, bright, animated energy core and appears to be split in the middle. Caliban has a passive ability that automatically resists the types of damage they are currently taking, as long as Caliban can absorb incoming fire. His active abilities can be combined to make enemies soar helplessly in the air, unleash a deadly spin attack that deals extra damage to those that float, a tri-beam that deals a ton of damage, and he can also use up to three Conculyst -calling allies to fight for him. Personally, I’ve always hated fighting Conculysts, so it’ll be great to be able to summon some as allies for a change. As usual, while Caliban can be purchased with warframe‘s in-game currency known as Platinum, it can also be earned for free by players who are willing to take the time to collect the necessary resources. As usual, expect to play for dozens of hours to create the Warframe this way.

Warframe: The New War Preview – Done and Done

Finally, the Prime Vault is refreshed with The New War. Harrow Prime will be available for purchase along with Prime versions of their weapons and accessories. While this content isn’t vaulted, players can – you guessed it – buy or earn these souped-up weapons and the Warframe. This is in addition to the ongoing Prime Resurgence event, which offers a limited amount of time to purchase or earn other Prime Warframes and related gear on a rotating basis.

This upcoming expansion for warframe may have a lot of endgame content, but there is no rush to get this stuff on the player. All required quests remain playable for all players, with no shortcut or item to buy to unlock The New War. So while the latest quest’s playtime is estimated to be at least four hours, this is in addition to the 30+ hours most players will spend meeting all the requirements to play it. At that point, most players will have invested enough to want to see it through to the end, especially with what happens to the game’s guide, The Lotus.

Warframe: The New War Preview – Are You Ready, Tenno?

As a long time player of warframeI’m excited to see an end to a story I started a whole console generation ago. It was fun to follow and report on a quick, free game that I’ve played with my family for hundreds of hours. Sure, this expansion might not have a new open-world expansion that might be easier to point at and say “Look, new stuff!” But it goes to show that Digital Extremes has been busy satisfying those of us who want to know what the ultimate fate of Space Mom and others will be, and not in a short quest but a full experience. As for new players, presumably this content will always be available if they choose to invest the time, which cannot be said for other free-to-play games.

Consistently near the top of the most played games on Steam (the PSN doesn’t have a comparable metric to use), warframe is the game that keeps on giving. The New War launches on the PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PC and even the Nintendo Switch, on December 15, 2021. This time with completely different playable characters and the longest single-player movie campaign to date, old players a big reason to jump back in, while new players promise there’s a lot more to see and do if they put in the time. Note that we only said time, not time and money – after all, Ninjas play for free.

PlayStation LifeStyle would like to thank Digital Extremes for their time and resources during their digital presentation.