Warzone and Black Ops Season 5 Mid Season Update Brings Weapons, Modes, Maps and More

As with previous in-game seasons of Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War and Warzone, there will be a major update for Season 5.

The update will be available on September 9, but will be available for download in Cold War as early as September 7, and for Warzone players a day later.

Black Ops Cold War’s multiplayer gets a remake of the Zoo map (which once appeared as DLC for the original Black Ops). This folder will also immediately get a 4/7 playlist. Demolition will also return and is basically the same as Search and Destroy, but with respawn options.

In Zombies, Outbreak gets a new region: Armada. It is based on the multiplayer map of the same name. In addition to the new zone, there is also a new Outbreak World Event. This takes the form of a new chest type, available in all Outbreak regions. The blog post didn’t mention what players can expect from the black chest, but hinted that it will bolster players’ gear.

That’s not even the end of Outbreak content, as the mid-season update also introduces a limited-time event called Survival. This event kicks off alongside The Numbers event in Warzone (more on that below), turning Outbreak into a hardcore survival experience.

Players only spawn with a Field Upgrade and a 1911 pistol. You still need to complete the main objective and either exfil or warp, but you’ll do this under the effects of some punishing modifiers. Some of these include a disabled mini-card, encrypted HUD, and more.

You do not automatically regenerate HP after taking damage in Survival. Instead, you need to pick up food to heal. There are four “rarities” you may encounter that will heal you from 50 to 150 horsepower. The highest level heals for 200HP and provides 1HP per second for 60 seconds.

Treyarch hasn’t forgotten the standard zombies either. The new update introduces the Rampage Inducer, a new Essence bus in the starting area that temporarily ramps up the default difficulty to Cranked-level madness – provided everyone on the team agrees. This essentially means that zombies will spawn much faster and become more powerful until round 20.

New Warzone Modes

Warzone will get a new mode at the start of the mid-season: Clash. This mode is basically TDM, where two teams of 50 players compete against each other in a race to reach 500 points, with respawns enabled.

Later in the season, Iron Trials ’84 begins. This mode gives Warzone a hardcore twist. Players’ health is increased, but regeneration is reduced. Free loadout drops have been removed, so you’ll have to buy them from Buy Stations, where they cost even more money.

The Gulag will remain, but the weapon selection will be very limited. You will only encounter harder-to-use weapons. If you win, you may return with the weapon you won with. The blog also hinted at other environmental changes, but details are scarce at the moment.

The Numbers Event is the largest item on the ticket for Warzone. The event will start on September 21 and the mobile stations around Verdansk will start broadcasting Numbers. Communicating with them will give you $2,000 to use in the current contest. Each interaction after that yields an exclusive reward, such as calling cards, charms, XP bonuses and stickers.

When the event starts, you’ll also find a new reward track that offers unique items in both Warzone and Black Ops Cold War.

Finally, new skins are coming for both games. The most prominent of these is Judge Dredd, a skin for Warsaw Pact’s Beck.