Watch Dogs Legion Update: Post-Launch Support Has Ended

Ubisoft has officially pulled the plug Watch Dogs: Legion, announcing that Title Update 5.6 was the game’s final update. In a lengthy letter to fans, the developer thanked the game’s community for its support and offered a recap of all the content released since its launch in October 2020.

Watch Dogs: Legion update 5.6 summary

You would think Watch Dogs: Legion‘s latest update was supposed to be a major one, but unfortunately it brought only minor bug fixes and improvements to the Spiderbot Arena, UI and visuals. The game’s fourth season ended yesterday, but you still have Season 5: Stripes to look forward to.

What’s next for Watch Dogs: Legion online play

After Season 5: Streaks, Watch Dogs: Legion will alternate between seasons 3 and 5, giving you the chance to unlock rewards you missed before. It doesn’t look like Ubisoft plans to release further bug fixes and improvement patches, and it’s unclear how long the game’s servers will remain online.

“The game has grown by leaps and bounds, with a ton of content to explore, from a sprawling city in the near future to an action-packed online mode,” the developer wrote. “We couldn’t be more proud of the game we’ve created, and we appreciate all of you who have joined us on this journey in London over the year.”

That Watch Dogs: Legion‘s post-launch support ended just over a year after launch comes as no big surprise. While Ubisoft is known to support its games for years, Watch Dogs: Legion received a lukewarm reception and didn’t perform as well as the company’s other IPs.

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