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John Madden changed football. Now we’re changing the way you play soccer with the FieldSense game system.

No one embodies real football better than John Madden, and Coach returns to the cover of the game he pioneered. Madden NFL 23coming soon to Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One.

This year we introduced the new FieldSense gaming system for Madden NFL 23 on Xbox Series X|S, a new foundation that produces consistent ultra-realistic gameplay and equips players with more control everywhere on the pitch.

FieldSense game system

Creating the foundation for realistic gameplay that gives players new ways to control what is happening everywhere on the field.

hit everything

The Hit Everything mechanic allows players to disrupt defense and stop offense in new ways. Animation branching technology enables next-gen Hit-Stick physics so players can dive into mid-air knockouts, smash the stack to assist teammates with a tackle, exploit blockers, and force turnovers with tackles standing.

Madden NFL 23

skill-based passes

Take full control of every pass with new ways to drop the ball where only your receiver can catch it. This new mechanic also introduces a new precision reticle and pass meter to measure each shot.

Madden NFL 23

360° cuts

Take advantage of the new freedom and fluidity ball carriers gain anywhere on the pitch so you can achieve the perfect space, position and evade defenders.

Madden NFL 23

WR vs DB Battles

New wide receiver release moves and defensive back counter mechanics make for big, tight 1v1 battles in the secondary.

Madden NFL 23

what else is new in Madden NFL 23?


New motivations for athletes come into play for contract negotiations, creating even more drama and tension in free agency for their franchise. Team location, salary demands and more help decide how players choose their next team. Updated Trade Logic AI realistically values ​​players and their value by factoring in trade offers.

Face of the franchise: La Liga

This year, Face of the Franchise takes you into your fifth NFL season at the skill position of your choice (QB, WR, RB, CB, MLB) and you’re ready for a fresh start in the league. Negotiate a one-year deal to prove yourself to one of the 32 NFL teams by showing it off on the field and upgrading your player. New position-specific mechanics within FieldSense (Xbox Series X|S only) and player-focused cameras bring you closer to the action and help you dominate every shot, no matter what position you’re in. added to allow you to change your experience during a game and get feedback and rewards based on performance. Will he have a historic career in the NFL? Up to you.

madden ultimate team

Build your fantasy roster of current NFL superstars, Hall of Fame legends and more with even more ways to add and improve your squad. He’ll always have something to play for with the new Field Pass challenge and reward tracker, then earn MUT Champions entry tokens and compete at the highest level whenever you want. Simplified set creation makes organization easier and more efficient, so you can spend more time upgrading your gear and less time thumbing through your collection.

Madden NFL 23 pre-orders

Check out the different editions and rewards you can get when you pre-order today on the Xbox Store!

Madden NFL 23

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