What are the benefits of screen capture software?

Right now, we can’t imagine our lives without computers and smartphones, so we use them for almost every job: creating video presentations, capturing and storing important data, learning new skills, and interacting with teammates. Needless to say, there are cases where we need to record the material on our screens, we traditionally use Fn + Print Screen (on Windows – see here) or else Command + Shift + “3” (for macOS – more information) to capture the information we need.

However, for more complicated tasks, such as recording your screen, using these options is not enough. That’s where the screen recording software can come in handy: it allows you to capture your computer screen with the list of various video tools and functions, and in some cases even provides the standard tools for basic video editing.

In this article, we’ll give you compelling reasons why you should start implementing screen recording applications into your workflow and how it can improve your day-to-day performance from day one.

Let’s start with this!

#1 Analyze employee performance

One of the most notable advantages of screen recording software is that you can easily analyze work performance from the outside. For example, as a business owner, you are concerned about improving the list of internal processes including customer service, employee work, productivity, etc. By analyzing the screenshots, you can get a better understanding of the issues or difficulties that your employees face every day. face and either eliminate or solve those problems.

For example, you have noticed that the customer service team is slow to respond. After analyzing their screenshots, you may find that there are too many customer requests per employee to process, and they are literally torn between responding to each. So in order to reduce their workload and improve the quality of customer service, you will probably come up with expanding your customer support team.

#2 Protect the sensitive material recorded

The screen recording software is also useful when you need to protect sensitive data and comply with various policies. For example, you must implement password protection for the data to meet PCI and HIPAA requirements.

Professional screen recording software can securely protect your recordings with a password, which means that the important data can only be accessed by a limited number of people. Moreover, another advantage of using the screen recorders with data protection feature is a must for blocking cyber attacks and preventing data leaks.

#3 Provide effective employee training

According to the research, employee onboarding can cost more than $40,000 per year even for small to medium-sized businesses that hire 100 new employees each year. In addition, these costs do not include recruitment and training expenses!

In fact, by using the screen recording software to capture video on your screen and significantly eliminate the onboarding costs. Creating a comprehensive knowledge base makes it much easier to engage your new hires in the essential parts of the business processes, introduce their key responsibilities and clarify the important aspects of their work. This could be, for example:

  • Detailed instructional videos
  • Comprehensive guidelines
  • Videos for analysis and troubleshooting of common problems
  • Workspace Building Guides
  • Tutorials for learning and training

These are just some of the options you can use to boost your employee onboarding with prepared screen capture materials. Once the withdrawals are done, you will be given the time, effort and expense for your business!

#4 Create a powerful knowledge base

In keeping with the theme of screen recording material, it is a great idea to save all the videos captured on a cloud drive. With a little time and consistency invested, this simple yet effective trick makes it possible to create informative guides and share the knowledge with your team.

For example, you can start with “Record video on PC” or “Use the remote access app” and develop a list of video recording tutorial videos that can improve employee productivity or simplify their workflow. The so-called machine learning knowledge base can certainly come in handy when improving personal skills or increasing expertise in a particular aspect of the job.

#5 Save the important material for future reference

However, that’s not just the guides, how-tos and tutorials that can be captured with the screen recorders. If you have an important meeting with your client or are recording the material for future use, using recorders like Apowersoft or Icecream Screen Recorder can be a thing.

The screen recording software not only allows you to save the contents of your screen recordings, but also allows you to set a scheduled recording option, which means that none of the important things will be missed. So even if you miss a meeting with your client, you can still dedicate yourself to the insights introduced there!

#6 Simplify the troubleshooting process

It often happens that you or your employees have certain problems with the work equipment that need to be resolved quickly. Fortunately, this problem can be solved by IT specialists, but how can you describe what kind of problem you actually have?

That’s where screen capture software comes into play: it allows you to record your screen or take a full (or partial) screenshot that you can easily save to the cloud drive or directly in the email. to your colleague. This reduces the time it takes to devote the team member to your problem and gives you a quick answer on how it can actually be solved.

Sometimes it even takes just a few minutes to fix the system error, which can be done without the offline presence of a computer expert!

#7 Improve teamwork

In the era of the great popularity of remote working, more and more companies have switched from traditional offline meetings to virtual ones. This is more time-saving and doesn’t require much effort like driving to the office, adjusting the work schedule, etc. – all you need to do is click the “join a meeting” button on Teams, Zoom or Google Meet.

However, if you have an urgent case that requires your presence, you should definitely choose: either stay there to record the information or skip the meeting and ask your teammates to remember the most important aspects mentioned there. Fortunately, with the scheduling feature of the screen recording software, you can easily record the entire meeting even if you don’t have access to the computer!

In addition, by using the screen recording apps, the recordings of any meeting with your team, colleagues or clients can be saved on the cloud drive for later use. Not only can this trick improve your team’s performance, but it also allows the members to always stay on top of the latest happenings in your company and establish a more flexible work routine.

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Finally, using a high quality screen recorder such as one developed by Movavic can significantly increase your productivity and save the time needed to capture the important materials. You can analyze employee work, create effective training videos, record online events and even more advanced features like fingerprint scanning – all with one screen capture tool.

Now that you know how essential it is to use powerful video recording software in your work routine. Still in doubt?

Download the chosen video software to your machine and check all the functions yourself!

Last updated: November 30, 2021