What do GamStop users like about video games?

GamStop is a free service available to gamblers in the UK, mainly Great Britain and Northern Ireland. It is operated by The National Online Self-Exclusion Scheme Limited, a non-profit organization. It helps gamblers exclude themselves by limiting their gambling activities. Once they sign up, the service prohibits them from participating in online gambling activities in online casinos and apps licensed from Great Britain i.e. United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC). The restriction is imposed from any place between 6 months, 1 year and 5 years, depending on the bettor’s choice.

However, gamblers are usually free to choose games available at casinos operating under offshore licenses such as Malta Gaming Authority, Gambling Commission of Curacao, Government of Gibraltar, etc. These varieties of UK casinos without GamStop listed on NonGamstopBets are credible and secure. However, since GamStop is not enforced, the gambler is expected to practice some level of responsible gambling to avoid the pitfalls of gambling problems.

Presence of gambling activities

Adolescents and young adults often participate in two closely related activities: gambling and playing video games. Now both activities mentioned work on behavioral principles and simulate sounds and lighting effects to improve gameplay. Therefore, both activities carry the risk of excessive play and addiction in the process. Besides, lately, video games such as DotA, Counter-Strike, Call of Duty and Fortnite enable gambling activities. With both worlds at your disposal, the risk of developing a gambling addiction is very likely for gambling enthusiasts. This is where GamStop’s role begins. It can effectively help reduce their gambling habits and habits when registering for free.

That said, GamStop puts a slot on the casinos that are exclusively licensed in the UK so that players can still seek out gambling opportunities on video games at US casinos.

Presence of loot boxes

When we talk about “loot boxes” in mobile and desktop video games, we refer to randomized items in the video games that can be exchanged for real money, which have reshaped the video game market and business. They are increasingly common in video games regardless of the early exposure of children and adolescents to gambling. Loot boxes and gambling exhibit similar characteristics that raise concerns about gambling affinity and the development of gambling problems among the said crowd. Just as there are a wide variety of video games on the market, the nature of loot boxes also varies.

  • In some games, when players open loot boxes, the content is tied to their account and therefore cannot be traded with other players. On the other hand, they can be resold and traded, handling rare items with a lot of money.
  • Unlike some games, where loot boxes are bought directly for cash, some games require players to invest money in buying game currency or scrips, which in turn are used to purchase loot boxes.
  • In certain games, such as Overwatch, loot boxes are distributed for free every time the players level up.
  • Certain loot boxes give players that competitive edge that allows them to win.
  • Some video games have limited time offers on the loot boxes, where the items only apply for now.

There is no logical reason for adolescents to trade loot boxes. They do it to raise money, for excitement, to escape stress, and to increase competitiveness.

Ability to bet on Esports

In its effort to curb the growing gambling problem in the UK, GamStop has expanded its services into sports. It’s no secret that the United Kingdom practices its sporting activities, from cricket and football to darts and horse racing. People like to play, watch, support and gamble on these sports activities. Considering their love and dedication, GamStop does not prevent them from registering without exclusion on non-GamStop sites and in fact cooperating with sports organizations and the like.

The goal is to regulate gambling activities while the customers are busy. This has effectively helped customers to be more gambling aware and gamble responsibly. However, GamStop is not alone in this endeavor, as other entities such as Gamban and the Gambling Commission in the UK are contributing to the same goal.

A closing thought

Combating gambling addiction does not necessarily mean abandoning their activities completely. It’s about getting it under control. Gambling addiction can lead to bankruptcies, failed relationships, anxiety, depression and mood disorders, among other things. The gambling market offers gamblers multiple opportunities that they should make smart and responsible use of