What is the impact on dating culture of playing PS Anime games?

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Most people know what a PlayStation is, most people know what anime is, and most people have been on at least one date. Since the vast majority of people have at least some degree of familiarity with the above-mentioned topics, it is not very surprising that there is a relationship between each of them. But how exactly did these brightly colored, often story-driven works of digital art influence the romantic world as we know it? Let’s find out!

How much is anime culture embedded in the world of electronic entertainment?

The world of electronic entertainment encompasses almost every subject in the world, from basic math to even the online matchmaking industry. It makes sense that anime (or rather, the “anime” style) would make its way into electronic entertainment, although it must be argued that it ultimately depends on the medium. For example, many more people play anime-based or influenced video games than they watch the shows themselves. This means that anime has a much greater influence on video games than on television. Alternatively, people who watch anime are probably much more obsessive with the shows themselves, leading to a more devoted fan base. Ultimately, it’s a subjective argument whether anime has a greater influence on television or video games. Anyway, the overall influence cannot be denied!

Of course, the most successful anime franchises are the ones that offer a combination of both! As an example, the Dragon Ball franchise (which includes multiple video game, anime, and manga releases) is worth over $24.03 billion! This highlights the importance of using multiple media to promote the overall visibility of a particular show, rather than limiting an anime to a single channel.

Do anime games affect gamers’ dating preferences?

The best thing about anime is its complex storylines. Compared to their western counterparts, Japanese animation emerges as a clear winner when it comes to telling the story. Rather than simply “boy meets girl” (romance) or “dumb guy does stupid things” (comedy) stories that ultimately reflect the movies that came before them, anime incorporates mythology, a plethora of characters, multiple storylines, and fantasy themes into their work. . The romance in anime often builds over time, really drawing the viewer into the experience (unlike their straightforward western counterparts). This romantic complexity is also often present in anime games, which undoubtedly influences the opinions and expectations of their players.

Everything about how they structure romance influences the fan base so much, that for a simple reason they look for potential dating partners online and offline in the anime community – only they can understand other people’s idea of ​​love, and everything follows with that. That’s where the idea of fake dating came from, because the passionate dating seekers love the idea that their favorite dating service can bring them all together through a common interest! This is why online dating sites implement specific algorithms for anime lovers to discover each other.

While the influence is obvious when it comes to online matchmaking and dating games, anime certainly has an effect on the preferences of gamers’ dating habits in the real world as well. Obviously, a shared passion for anime is absolutely required for the most serious fans, but general expectations when it comes to online romance are also raised. That sounds complicated, so what exactly does it mean? Simply put, otaku dating (that’s what online dating anime enthusiasts are called) is better because both partners enjoy anime, can watch/play games together and believe in true love!

Otaku Dating as a way to meet a partner for both love and play

Otaku dating is when two anime enthusiasts use a special platform (like a real life group or online dating website) to connect with other passionate fans through favorite shows, fan theories, anime trivia, online gaming and – of course – dating in real life. world! While otaku dating undoubtedly has its own set of challenges, it is definitely the best way to make sure you find a fully compatible partner!

Which PS games are worth playing with a real anime lover?

If you and your dating partner both like Japanese animation, it might be helpful to buy games that you both enjoy. Here are some of our favorite anime-themed games to play on PlayStation!

Ni No Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom

The fifth episode of the Ni No Kuni Series, “Revenant Kingdom”, follows Evan Pettiwhisker Tildrum as he navigates “a world consumed by darkness” in this third-person RPG. The game itself is single player, so couples cannot play at the same time. Despite this, many couples will enjoy this game for its complex storyline, simplistic combat system, and “chibi” graphics. Of course, you can always swap the controller back and forth between battles!

Dragon Ball FighterZ

Unlike the 3D game mentioned above, Dragon Ball FighterZ is a 2.5D fighting game with both single player and multiplayer modes. With graphics reflecting the anime, couples can enjoy 3v3 battles as they work their way through this somewhat repetitive storyline. While the storyline itself could use some improvement, this game will still hold your attention for hours (and have you two screaming at the screen)!

Omega Quintet

Omega Quintet is unlike any of the aforementioned games, but instead opts for a turn-based combat system. Couples can enjoy cute graphics, an expansive world and a wide variety of character accessories as they fight as a group of pop stars against the darkness that plagues their land. Don’t want to play with a traditional joystick? Omega Quintet allows players to use the PlayStation Move too!