What The Dub ?! Update adds more sound effects and timer options

The first major post-launch patch for a hilarious party game What The Dub ?! is now live on PS4 and Steam, adding additional sound effects for your dubs, timer options for dub and voice input, and some tweaks to sound effects playback timing and other features. Patch 1.2 is also coming soon for Switch and Xbox One. You can read the full details for what’s included below:

What The Dub ?! Update – Patch 1.2 Patch Notes

  • More sound effects!
  • Custom SFX playback timing
  • Updated TTS voices on Mac
  • Twitch login option
  • Addition of audience switch
  • Kick inactive audience
  • Dubbing and tuning options
  • Disable negative announcer

The latest patch offers even more sound effects to use creatively in your dubs, as well as added timer options, so you can spend more time browsing the entire list and selecting the perfect one. The timer options also extend to voting. The timing of sound effects playback has also been adjusted to better integrate with the text-to-speech.

There is now a Twitch login option right in the game, which should take advantage of What The Dub ?! as a streaming party game even easier. You can also choose to enable or disable viewers, as well as kick audience members who are inactive (a great feature for streamers who play What The Dub ?!

And finally, they now allow you to turn off the negative announcer if you want your party night to be a little more fun and cheerful without attacking a disembodied video game voice that your participation in a hilarious party game is terrible.

Wide Right Interactive had previously told us in our extensive interview about continued support for What The Dub ?!, including implementing quality of life features based on player feedback. Adjusting the time for dub entry was one of the features we wanted in our review, so we’re happy to see it cut so soon after release. While Wide Right has indicated that they want to add more clips in the future, it looks like this update doesn’t include them yet. Since it is so shortly after launch, most players are probably still discovering the variety present in the base game’s more than 300 clips. The developer is also working on cross-platform sync for the game, which will allow players to link and play remotely, regardless of what platform they’re on, without having to stream it.

Have you tried What The Dub ?! yet? Let us know what you think of the latest update after you dub your way through the ads to the comments below.