what to do and what not to do if you are a new player in this cruel sandbox

The beginnings in the Facepunch Studios title can be very difficult.


The truth is that in Spain and in Spanish-speaking countries one of the games Fashion right now it’s Rust. The open world action survival video game by Facepunch Studios has had an incredible spike in popularity thanks to the fact that the main Spanish streamers (like TheGrefg, El Rubius or Ibai) are all playing on the same server, Egoland. This has caused interest in the game to grow.

As happened to Among Us, and as it has happened to other games for various reasons, Rust is living a new life. If you are one of those who want to try your luck in the vast and cruel world of the game for the first time, it will probably give you some vertigo, since it is still something complicated get started in these titles that give so many possibilities and not many explanations.

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It is true that first of all the correct thing would be that you will practice on a server in which there is respect for new players, since there are some that are used as a learning, before launching into PVP. In Rust we start naked and with a stone, and if you start directly on a server where there is a lot of hostility, it can be done very difficult to progress.

We wanted to give you six tips so that the beginning in Rust does not become so difficult for you and you focus in the first hours of play on the fundamental so as not to make the experience frustrating. We also recommend that you follow the tutorials, because the game will explain key mechanics to play. You do not know the title and you do not know if it interests you? You can recall our analysis.

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What to do when starting a game

Find yourself a little corner

The first thing you should do is find a place to start your life. It doesn’t have to be close to where you first appeared. The most secluded places and the thickest forests are a good place. Once there, put the sleeping bag that is key to craft and a box to keep materials. Of course, while you find it, collect wood and other basic resources to start your existence on the right foot, which brings us to the next point.

The best defense is … a weapon

It is important that soon you can make yourself an ax and a pick to collect better resources, and faster. A bow, arrows and a wooden spear (which you can also throw) are also highly recommended. It is important that you are armed because they can attack you and at least you will have something to defend yourself. By the way, be very careful with wild animals.

Eat, drink and watch your needs

Rust is a survival game and as such the dangers are diverse. Not only will you have to be aware of animals, other players, or even body temperature or radiation: you can also die of thirst and hunger. It is important that you collect at first any food that you find and drink water, to cover the needs. We recommend that you get seeds little by little and make a garden when your base begins to grow. Later it will be key to cook regularly and always monitor the status of the character.

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The first house

Although you will need a significant amount of materials, the first construction is key, in order to be more secure and start storing your belongings. Of course, put the sleeping bag from the beginning inside (if you don’t have one for a bed …) and don’t forget to put a lock. It will also be important that you get the necessary materials to make a furnace to make metal.

Looking for the treasure

Once you are more established and feel confident, it will be important for you to go exploring beyond your base. This is essential because you can get interesting loot all over the map. You will also find recipes to build new items and unique equipment. By the way, don’t forget that there are shops out there to buy.

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What not to do when starting a game

Hide yourself

We have mentioned it to you at the beginning, but we insist again. The open places are bad, do not be near roads or “natural” paths to go from one key point to another. Don’t think mountains are safe places either. It is important that you go unnoticed, because you will be an easy prey for the rest of the players.

Hello and goodbye

Rust is cruel. If you decide to start the adventure alone, our recommendation is that you be very careful with the rest of the players. Avoid confrontations because you have everything to lose and your progress will be very difficult. For this reason, what we told you about arming is important, even with the minimum, because if they go after you, you should try to defend yourself.

Don’t accumulate resources, use them

This advice is especially for the first hours, when you don’t even have a safe place and a box to store things. Do not be obsessed with accumulating wood and other resources: use them. The beginnings are hard but you have to act quickly and effectively, and just as it is important to know what to focus on, it is essential to know what actions you can ignore so as not to waste time.

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