When is Dead Island 2 coming out?

According to a new report, Dead Island 2 is very much alive and in a “decent” state to release soon. That’s per noted insider Tom Henderson, who claims to have spoken to people familiar with Dambuster Studios’ plans. Dead Island 2, announced eight years ago, has changed development studios twice and was rumored to be literally dead. “According to everyone I’ve talked to, the game is in great shape and could be announced pretty soon with some sort of gameplay trailer,” Henderson said.

When is Dead Island 2 coming out?

Dead Island 2 is expected to be released in the fourth quarter of 2022, but Henderson said there’s a possibility it will slip to 2023 “if there are issues with the development cycle.” “You are on an airplane and there is a zombie outbreak on an airplane. In the end, the plane crashes in Hollywood, you survive, and then it’s your job to survive on the ground,” he added.

Dead Island 2 was supposed to be developed by Techland, but the studio went ahead with Dying Light. Publisher Deep Silver gave the green light to a pitch from Yager Development, but the two companies split due to differences in creative vision, which later resulted in Yager’s bankruptcy. Back in 2019, parent company THQ Nordic announced it had handed over development to Dambuster, but little has been heard about the game since then, with the exception of a job posting seemingly confirming next-gen versions and a leaked early build of Yager’s Dead Island 2 .

Advice: Dead Island 2 is a little late for the zombie party

Zamena writes… The zombie genre is feeling oversaturated right now. In the face of games like The Last of Us Part II, Dying Light 2 and many others, I’m not sure how well Dead Island 2 will do, especially considering that the first game was nothing to write home about. I also hate to point out that Dambuster doesn’t really have a great track record, but studios have turned things around so you never know. One thing is for sure: Dead Island 2 has more competition today than it did years ago.

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