Who is Madam Web? 5 things you should know about the character

Yesterday we announced the signing of Dakota Johnson as Cassandra Web, for a new Sony Spider-Verse movie, but what do we know about the character?

Spider-Man: No Way Home has been a great success for Sony Pictures, and right after Venom: There will be slaughter, a film that grossed more than its predecessor, so it is obvious that the studio wants to make films from the licenses it owns from Marvel with or without Marvel Studios within the project.

For now, thankfully Tom Holland’s Peter Parker looks set to continue in the MCU beyond no way home, but “Sony’s Spider-Man Universe” it is still expanding. Morbius will hit theaters in May (COVID pandemic permitting), and two new installments of the animated film exploring the Spider-Verse are on the way. Now that Madame Web is gathering steam with the news of the signing of Dakota Johnson to play the iconic character. It’s time to catch up on everything you need to know about Madame Web. In addition to diving into her backstory and powers, we reveal more about the plans for this movie and future stories to come. Sony could be looking to set the stage.

5. Who is Madame Web and what can she do?

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Cassandra Web was born in Salem, Oregon. Ever since she was just a child, she began to have visions of her abilities as a clairvoyant. These powers increased as he used them regularly. Blind from birth, Cassandra found that her psychic abilities more than made up for her blindness. Web became a professional medium, offering his services to others, and helping them if he could.

Decades after beginning her career, Cassandra was afflicted with a degenerative disease that collapsed her central nervous system, disabling the use of her body. Because of this, Cassandra had to hook up to a machine devised by her late husband, which serves as an elaborate life support system that keeps her alive. That means he doesn’t see much in the way of action, so if he shows up in the next movie, we’re betting he has a different purpose (teleportation or enhancing his abilities, Cerebro-style).

She often appears to provide Peter Parker with advice and guidance, proving to be a valuable ally. It is later revealed that he has ties to the Web of life and destiny, a three-dimensional construction in a fifth-dimensional space, which acts as a model of the entire Multiverse and allows travel between realities. This nexus lies on Earth-001, where it is maintained by the Master Weaver and totemic spider deities. Madame Web and the various incarnations of Spider-Man, Spider-Woman, Spider-Girl, and others throughout the Multiverse ultimately derive their spider powers from the Great Web, and are considered totemic entities. Needless to say, you can probably guess how that could prove crucial to Spider-Man’s future on the big screen after the events of No Way Home.

4. There is more than one Madam Web

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With Dakota Johnson to play Madame Web, it seems pretty obvious that we won’t be getting the old lady version of this character on the big screen that we’re used to seeing in the comics and the legendary 90s animated series. the film an origin story, however the character in the comics regained his youth through a mystical ceremony known as the “Meeting of the Five”.

Though it’s unlikely the movie will go that route and we’ll see a version of Cassandra Web that is heavily inspired by her successor, Julia Carpenter.

Julia Carpenter was once known as the heroine Spider-Woman, first appearing in 1984’s Secret Wars Vol 1 #6, she was chosen to inherit Web’s powers after her death and gained the powers and blindness of the original Madame Web. . We’re not suggesting that Cassandra and Julia should appear here, but a merger would give Sony a chance to deliver plenty of action and explore the character’s origin as she comes to terms with her new abilities.

Spider-Man - Julia Carpenter

3. The relationship with Spider-woman

Olivia Wilde is ready to direct a movie Spider-WomanBut it looks like Madame Web will hit theaters sooner. It might seem like a strange decision on Sony’s part, but there’s a chance they have a plan.

In the comics, Madame Web has ties to at least three Spider-Womans. Jessica Drew isn’t among them, but Web’s daughter, Charlotte Witter, became a villainous Spider-Woman after a team-up with Doctor Octopus saw her use her abilities to deflect and absorb the powers of her heroic counterparts. This live-action website probably isn’t old enough to have a daughter, but a sister, maybe?

It’s also worth noting that Web served as a mentor to Mattie Franklin, the third Spider-Woman after the teenager gained Peter Parker-like abilities. And, as noted, Julia Carpenter was given Madame Web’s powers when the original died, so Sony can borrow elements from all of these characters.

Martha Franklin (Earth-616) from Silk Vol 2 14

2. Who is working on the film?

In addition to the confirmation that the star of Fifty Shades of Grey, Dakota Johnson, will be in charge of giving life to the main character. There is an undeniably interesting creative team.

SJ Clarkson has been tapped to direct what appears to be her feature directorial debut. After starting on British television, the director has extensive experience in the superhero genre, directing series in Hollywood such as Heroes, Jessica Jones or The Defenders.

As for the writers, Sony has had the team formed by Matt Sazama and Burk Sharpless. Although his credits are not reassuring, since among his works are the writing of Dracula, the untold legend, The last witch hunter and Gods of Egypt. However, the duo must have impressed Sony with their work on Morbius for them to feature in this film.

S J Clarkson
SJ Clarkson will direct the film

1. Keep exploring the Spider-Verse

With Spider-Man: No Way HomeMost fans expected the film to end with the MCU’s Peter Parker jumping from one universe to another. That would have allowed Sony Pictures to make use of the wall-crawler in its spin-off franchises and at the same time allow the hero to remain part of the Marvel Studios family, something that ultimately did not happen.

However, Madame Web is a character that can easily facilitate future spin-offs. Whether it’s bringing Tom Holland’s Spidey into the same world as Venom and Morbius or, better yet, enlisting Andrew Garfield’s Amazing Spider-Man to lend a hand to his world, the possibilities are endless.

As someone who is in charge of the web of life and destiny, Madame Web can immerse herself in the “Spider-Verse” and allowing Sony to introduce and explore multiple variants of Spider-Man… all while leaving the MCU’s Spidey alone. No series strange to see Madame Web in one of the next films of Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse.

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