Why a Marvel Studios character is so poorly made

Marvel Studios generally has the best special effects, but there is one new character whose CGI leaves a lot to be desired.

Attention SPOILERS. As usual in all deliveries of the Marvel Studios Cinematic Universe, the movie of The Eternals shows two post-credits scenes. In one appears dane whitman interpreted by Kit Harington receiving his sword black knight. In the other we see appear Eros (Harry Styles) Accompanied by Pip the troll (Patton Oswalt) which is made by CGI and may not be up to par with others like Thanos, Hulk, groot or Rocket.

Now, Matt Aitken Y stephane cerettit responsible for the special effects Marvel Studiosdetails of the movie have been revealed The Eternals and of the character pip the troll.

Matt Aitken He said: “Actor Patton Oswalt, someone I’ve followed for years and years, who is a friend of the VFX community as he hosts the VES Awards every year for us, did the initial reference performance with knee pads on his knees. , so that his head would be at the right height.

Stephane Ceretti he went on to say: “And we shot that during additional photography. It was a different ending. We did it pretty quickly in the end… Let’s be honest. But it was a bit difficult to do it on time, but we did what we could. It went right”.

pip the troll the eternal marvel studios

Pip the troll’s skin is a result of the calendar and running out of time.

Even if Marvel Studios delay The Eternals Due to the pandemic, it seems that they did not have much time to be able to do that post-credits scene.

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Matt Aitken He said: “And so, try trying different things. And I think I could have told you in a moment, Steph, we’re getting close to our limit. We need so much time. If we’re going to change the design again, and build the facial platform, and get all the nuances of facial performance, we’re going to need design approval right here. And then I think we got over that.”

Stephane Ceretti concluded by saying: “We were past that. I was like: Guys, we have to go. We really have to go. But what if we try this? We have to go. Try this. Okay, we’ll try this. We’ve all been there, but I mean, in the end you’re putting, for the first time, a CG character next to Harry Styles. And you’re thinking: Hmm, Harry Styles is going to be hard to beat. It is what it is. I still think it’s a fun time. I still think there are plenty of opportunities for fun stories later on. I hope he’s a character we’re going to see more of, because he’s funny.”

Do you like the design of Pip the troll? Leave us your opinion in the comments section. The movie The Eternals and the rest of deliveries of Marvel Studios can currently be viewed at the Disney Plus streaming platform.

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