Why trust a professional subtitling agency?

Poorly translated subtitles, as happens with mediocre dubbing, can ruin the experience that the audiovisual content seeks to convey and be rejected by the public. Beyond translation, the Subtitled presents several difficulties:

  • The viewer does not want to feel stress when watching the video in another language, like when the subtitles go too fast or are so small that it is hard to read them.
  • Languages ​​have a different number of characters, but subtitles should still match the on-screen audio as closely as possible.

Therefore, subtitles are a tool for the viewer to enjoy the content on the screen, they should not be a hindrance. It is not about translating word by word, but to adapt the text, therefore, the subtitling service goes hand in hand with a professional translation service.

What is a professional subtitling and translation service?

In simple words, the service consists of unite the text, the sound and the image so that the audiovisual product can be understood by the public. The two main modalities are interlinguistics, which consists of subtitling in a language other than the original, and intralinguistics, in which the content of the oral text becomes written using the same language.

The translation agency will be in charge of translating all the oral text of the audiovisual content (generally from the script or the transcription of all the audio) in a language that maintains the same tone as the original; in some cases the same is done with the relevant written text.

Later, Different techniques and programs are used to create the appropriate subtitles to the original content and that represent your message in the closest way. Here, the subtitling has to be timed in such a way that the viewer feels it is part of the content they are consuming.

Subtitle formats and programs

In the task of translating subtitles, several computer tools are used to shape the audiovisual content to be treated. In addition to creating the translated text, you also need to synchronize the audio, video and text, and choose the appropriate subtitle format for the case.

There are four subtitle formats, which are classified as flat, with labels, with effect and with style. The reason behind this diversity is that some audiovisual content requires certain effects in its subtitles.

subtitling techniques

The optimization of the subtitling process is achieved through the application of techniques that are followed for each of the cases. All of them have been developed in order to carry out the best work in an orderly manner.

Between the most relevant technical aspects there is the choice of format, the synchronization of the text with the speech of the actors, and the correct placement of the subtitles on the screen, in addition to some other required if it is a special case such as subtitles for the deaf. At https://subtitulado.es/ they explain in detail the subtitling formats, programs and techniques and we find interesting articles on automatic and professional subtitling, as well as offering us the possibility of requesting quotes for a translation service and creation of subtitles of any kind. audiovisual content.

Why choose a professional subtitling agency

Although automated translation and subtitling techniques exist, the accuracy achieved with the technique used by an agency is much higher. It is a highly specialized task, since brings together a series of steps that involve several areas of knowledge, from translation to editing.

The technical and creative parameters involved in subtitling can usually only be handled by a group of professionals trained in different areas. It may even be the case that you need a professional voice over service if necessary to more effectively communicate an idea.

The integration of the subtitling in the video must be such that he feels invisible, that he is only a companion. This result is achieved with experience, training and expertise, which is why it is always advisable to hire a professional subtitle creation and translation service for audiovisual projects.