Willem Dafoe Responds to Joker Rumors

Joker is a character that has always been related to Willem Dafoe and now the actor has responded to all these rumors.

the star of Spider-Man: No Way Home, Willem Dafoe, has spoken about the rumors that have always linked him to the character of joker. For years it has been said that the actor would be a great villain of Batman in the movies of DC Comics, but the opportunity has never arisen. After making the leap to stardom with Streets of Fire Y Live and Die in LA, in addition to his brilliant role in platoon, the interpreter won the hearts of the public with his role as Norman Osborne in spider-man.

“I can’t help but have an expressive face,” says the actor.

Now that we’re in the thick of the rumor mill about a sequel to joker, Willem Dafoe has spoken about those rumors asking him to be the new Clown Prince of Crime in the trilogy batman from Robert Pattinson. He did it on the show Saturday night Live and took the opportunity to make fun of himself and the super intense facial expressions he uses when he interprets. This is exactly what he said.

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«I can’t help but have an expressive face. It’s something I can’t control. In fact, I don’t plan on doing it. I’m not one of those subtle actors like Nicolas Cage or Al Pacino. Maybe that’s why people come up to me in the middle of the street and say: ‘Do you know what role you would be perfect for? To play Joker’. It’s always nice to hear you have the face and the type to play a sociopath.«.

Looking at it from that point of view, it’s a bit weird. Having “sociopath face” is not really a positive thing. However, we must agree with the viewers. Willem Dafoe would make a great Clown Prince of Crime. Above all, the version we were given in the video games of batman arkham. That aesthetic iteration would be a dream for the actor. We would be delighted.