Wonder Woman 3 is already underway

The director Patty Jenkins is already preparing the movie Wonder Woman 3 where Gal Gadot will repeat as Diana Prince.

The first film of the Wonder Woman 2017 was a great success and became a symbol taking the actress Gal gadot to superstardom. At the end of 2020 and with all the problems of the pandemic, we were able to see the sequel and now they have already started with Wonder woman 3.

This film will surely serve to end the incredible collaboration between the actress Gal gadot and the director Patty jenkins on Dc comics. Although it must be remembered that both will repeat in Cleopatra.

In the DC FanDome, the director was next to Lynda carter who played Asteria and it was the Wonder woman original from the 70s.

“We are very excited about Wonder Woman 3”. Patty Jenkins said. “Gal Gadot, she’s the busiest person in the world with now three young children and filming, she’s so discouraged that she can’t be here. But the three of us are very excited about some exciting things to come with Wonder Woman 3. “

Lynda carter then added: Who would have thought that at this point in my life this gift would simply be presented to me? And that’s great”.

Lynda Carter wonder woman 3

What will the movie be about?

For now we have very few details about Wonder woman 3, since it does not even have a release date and also Patty jenkins will make the movie after premiering Star Wars: Rogue Squadron (2023). Therefore, until 2024 we will probably not see each other again. Gal gadot as the superheroine of Dc comics. The only thing they have confirmed is that Chris pine will not return as Steve Trevor. Since the two protagonists of the first installment could say goodbye in the sequel. The most interesting thing will be to know in what time it will be set, since they could put Wonder Woman today. Right after the events of League of Justice.

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