World of Tanks Blitz introduces Dutch map in Molendijk

Wargaming has through a press release let us know that the mobile game World of Tanks Blitz will have a Dutch twist. This will happen in the form of the Molendijk map!

“Hup Holland Hup” they must have thought at the World of Tanks Blitz office. Because for the first time a map with a Dutch touch is coming into the game. In the new map, called Molendijk, you can rage to your heart’s content between the iconic windmills and tulip fields.

The makers have deliberately created a fictional location and have used various source materials from the past for inspiration.

World of Tanks Blitz has over 170 million downloads and is playable cross-platform on Nintendo Switch, Steam, IOS, Android, Windows and Mac OS X. It is the lightweight and mobile version of its big brother.

Molendijk is set on a happy sunny day and everywhere colorful tulips are in full bloom and the windmills are spinning. If you drive on for a while you will arrive in the village where you will encounter typical Dutch buildings and narrow streets. Visually, it gives you a bit of a quaint and picturesque feel where, ironically, you can race and bang.

They have deliberately chosen two completely different environments in one map so that the matches can be as varied as possible in terms of gameplay. The center is perfect for heavy tank tactics and those in the countryside for faster vehicles.

There are also continuously changing elements in the map. For example, a burning airship floats and fires break out in various places.