World of Warships: Legends Anniversary Update is here

The largest incorporation in the history of World of Warships: Legends it’s here! The update adds a whole new tier that brings in 14 ships of 3 types and 4 nations initially, and also affects matchmaking and economy. Here’s a quick rundown of the sea-shaking content and massive changes:

Tier VIII is here

  • 12 new researchable Tier VIII ships (Destroyers, Cruisers, and Battleships) in the tech tree for the US, Japan, Germany, and the Soviet Union, including Battleship Maine, Cruiser Roon, and Destroyer Yūgumo, with more to come upcoming updates;
  • 2 Premium Tier VIII ships, distributed via campaign and auction, respectively: the French battleship République and the German destroyer Elbing;
  • High-tier matchmaking will pit Tier VII, VIII, and Legendary ships against each other for the current update only, then switch to the +/-1 rule, essentially still putting Tier VIII ships against Tier VII and Legendary opposition, but never at the same time;
  • Changes in the economy make Tier VII ships much more attractive in terms of credit accumulation.
Wow Legends - Maine

Third Anniversary Celebrations

legends third anniversary brings gifts and bonuses. Wind roses for all ships from Tier IV to Legendary, first win bonus increased to x5, special “Treasure Hunt” web event with free rewards, and most importantly, a gift pack. ‘Symphony of the Night’ centers on the Commonwealth’s first ship, the Tier II premium destroyer Vampire, and Commander Leonard Murray at her side. A robust set of camos and other in-game items are included!

In addition to the bonuses, you will be able to participate in two Office projects: free legendary birthday 2022, reward boxes and more products to remember the important milestones of the past year of legendsand a 3000 steel Colbert, with a legendary French cruiser-incendiary at the top.

L’Ambassadeur Campaign

Tier VIII French Republic is the crown jewel of this 5-week, 100-milestone challenge. She is the first ship of the new tier to be available as the main prize of the campaign and there will be more to come, preserving the tradition of the final reward being mostly of the highest tier that is not legendary.

She brings to the fray massive 17-inch (431mm) fast-loading guns in a solid 4×2 layout and more than respectable anti-aircraft capabilities, all spiced up with the Engine Boost consumable.

WoW Legends - Republic

balance changes

Tier VI Weimar becomes Tier VII with an additional consumable slot added; she will find herself there fighting more powerful ships, thus lowering the relative power level. Additionally, the arrival of Tier VIII ships in World of Warships: Legends will affect carrier stats: Most Tier VII and Tier V Premium Zuihō will be buffed with adjustments including increased aircraft HP, hangar and squadron sizes, and more.

Continue your legendary journey and turn the tide!