World of Warships: Legends summer update is now available

One of America’s biggest holidays is no stranger to Legends! This time, a host of activities and bonuses await brave captains on the high seas.

First of all, the Dum Spiro Spero quest. It is completely free and is named after the official motto of South Carolina. The ultimate prize? You guessed it right, it’s the Tier III Premium US Battleship South Carolina! The task is available to complete until July 25.

More bonuses come in the form of Windroses for US ships. Every first Tier IV legendary ship win between July 4th and July 25th will result in a one-time bonus, depending on the ship’s tier. Those include Commander Progression camos, crates, and items.

There’s also a way to get more (permanent) camos and a couple of exclusive Star-Spangled skins for Cleveland and Baltimore by completing the special limited-time Broad Stripes and Bright Stars Office project.

Nice finishing touches? Of course! The Philippines-themed port, the free Liberty Package in the Microsoft Store, and weekly rotating discounts for USN-related content in the special Store tab, including 40% off select XXL ship bundles, all fall into this category! !

Lucky Six Campaign

This campaign is special, despite being the classic 5-week, 100-milepost effort with the recovery mechanic enabled. It features two American Premium ships: the tier VII destroyer Black and the tier V aircraft carrier Independence. Admiralty Backing is required to obtain at least one of them at the end of the campaign, and the non-primary option ship is available to obtain. doubloons.

The Black is a versatile destroyer with quick-reload guns and radar consumables in her arsenal, while the Independence, which becomes the first carrier to feature as the final reward of the campaign, allows for the fielding of powerful torpedo and bomber units. in a tailspin

Tier VIII is coming

Get one more level to Legends! It will be introduced with the next update, but for now we are ready to reveal that the first wave of tech tree ships will include 12 ships from 4 nations (USA, Japan, Germany, USSR), but even the initial content will drop for the Tier VIII won’t be limited by that number, with more powerful Legends coming later this year. Stay tuned…

Pan-European destroyers leave Early Access

Tier VII Östergötland, the highest level of branches, has arrived! It features powerful AA defenses, fast torpedo reloads and even faster torpedo movement, as well as powerful main battery guns that make it a navigational arsenal that you might not even need to smoke! Their arrival, as always, means that the Early Access line of pan-European destroyers is available for research. Fast torpedoes and powerful artillery skins, as well as the Repair Party consumable, are more than enough to make up for the lack of a smoke generator. These ships are a perfect opportunity to try out a combination of selected characteristics within the gunship and torpedo boat playstyles.

It is bolstered by the launch of the Tier IV pan-European heavy-hitting battleship Viribus Unitis on June 27, with a special commander Janko Vukovich also making his legendary debut. The battleship is up for grabs in the Shop, while the admiral can be found in the new European Commander boxes, along with 3 of his companions. Two of them, Jerzy Świrski and Stig Hansson Ericson, are perfectly suited to pilot the speedy destroyers!

balance changes

This update will see an upgrade to four Italian battleships, such as the Tier VII Vittorio Veneto and Roma, and a couple of Japanese ships, as well as the introduction of Semi-AP shells for Italian cruisers. Those are coming as a test flight, so there is a chance to see some changes regarding said ammunition.

Chill out on the seas this summer with Legends and turn the tide!