World Update IV: France, Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg is now available for Microsoft Flight Simulator!

In September, we shared our vision to continually improve Microsoft Flight Simulator through great monthly updates to the simulator. Today we release our fourth world update with World Update IV and we are very excited to bring you an improved flight experience in Western Europe. Find it in the Microsoft Store (Argentina, chili, Colombia Y Mexico).

Starting today, the world’s latest free update for Microsoft Flight Simulator It will take you through France, Belgium, Holland and Luxembourg (FRBENELUX).

In the heart of Western Europe, embrace the spirit of the past mixed with modern influences and attractions as you explore hundreds of iconic locations ranging from coastal communities, urban centers and idyllic vineyards to epic mountain ranges and world-famous resort cities with spectacular updates. and visual enhancements.

World Update IV: France, Belgium, Netherlands & Luxembourg provides digital elevation information and aerial imagery enhanced with High-resolution 3D photogrammetry to take you on a tour of two of Europe’s most iconic cities, Paris and Amsterdam, and three meticulously handcrafted new airports (Megève, Nice and Rotterdam), as well as visual and logistical enhancements at 100 additional airports in the whole area.

In addition, we managed to integrate architectural elements that infuse countless procedurally generated locations with authenticity, while more than 100 monuments and famous points of interest received a personalized treatment, bringing impeccable levels of detail to the most unforgettable views of the region: more castles and cathedrals, monuments and museums, palaces, bridges, lighthouses, dams, windmills and stadiums.

Finally, to take advantage of this group of visual enhancements, we added two new activities: an exciting La Salette Landing Challenge and an amazing Wild Flight to the heights of the Pyrenees and the Alps.

If you have Microsoft Flight Simulator, enjoy the update now World Update IV: France, Belgium, Netherlands & Luxembourg free! Make sure your simulator is up to date and visit the Marketplace to download the FRBENELUX package and discover the timeless beauty of Western Europe! Heaven is calling you!

Microsoft Flight Simulator It is available now on Xbox Game Pass for PC, Windows 10, and Steam. Find it in the Microsoft Store (Argentina, chili, Colombia Y Mexico). Do not forget to share your impressions in the dedicated forums or consult our section on Frequent questions! Learn more about Microsoft Flight Simulator on @MSFSOfficial On twitter.