Xbox boss admits he wants more PlayStation-style games in their lineup

For many Play station players, it’s the big, exclusive titles powered by strong stories and characters packed with heavy action sequences and intense gameplay that keep them on the platform, and Microsoft know that, that’s why Matt Booty talked about wanting more games like this in Xbox’s lineup when asked about them in a recent interview.

Speak with Some funny games, the head of Xbox Game Studios was quite candid with his admission that Xbox, as he put it, “is a place where we haven’t been at the forefront.”

Booty makes it clear that this isn’t about Xbox trying to come up with its own version of it not mapped or Horizon Zero Dawn, but more about having a diverse catalog of games fans love to play. “Making sure we have those kinds of games for our fans is important to us,” he said.

It will be interesting to see what this intention becomes and what games we see from Microsoft start making Play station players look at a Series X with a little more temptation.

Source – [VGC, Kinda Funny Games]