Xbox Boss avoids Call of Duty exclusivity question

Xbox CEO Phil Spencer has said he wants more people to play Call of Duty than ever before and for Starfield to be “the most played Todd Howard game ever”. However, he avoided answering how Microsoft plans to achieve that, as the latter is exclusive to its ecosystem and there are rumors that Call of Duty will eventually become an exclusive as well.

Speaking to Axios’ Stephen Totillo, Spencer said he understands where the concerns are coming from, but when questioned about exclusivity, he gave a somewhat diplomatic response, saying he’s just focusing on the present for now.

Is Call of Duty going to be an Xbox exclusive?

Spencer declined to answer that, as he has only expressed his “desire to keep Call of Duty” on PlayStation platforms. There’s also no indication that Starfield will ever make its way to PlayStation. He also reminded Totillo that he is, after all, a director in charge of a company.

“Yes, I want more people to play WoW in five years’ time than today. I want more people to play Call of Duty in five years, and more people to play Candy Crush in five years because we’ve made it. More accessible to more people.” , said Spencer.”[People ask] When will the Game Pass price go up? They buy all these studios. You know, it’s inevitable.’ But it’s like, ‘You know, it’s coming – if they’re number one, they’re going to do all those exclusive deals that, like, you know, Xbox has history’ and all I can do is make the decisions that stand for us and trying to be explicit about what our goals are.”

Advice: Game Pass on PlayStation is not too far-fetched

Zamena writes… Like many others, I remain convinced that Microsoft wants to bring Game Pass or a similar subscription service to rival platforms, including PlayStation. It will help bring in the kind of gaming revenue that will lift Microsoft from its third position in the gaming industry. Whether Sony will be receptive to the idea or not remains to be seen (probably not). Spencer is no stranger to making vague statements, but like he said, he’s a businessman after all and that’s what he’s supposed to do. Time will tell if future Call of Duty games are coming to PlayStation or not.

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