YouTube celebrates the Minecraft community

Historical events happen all the time, as everything that happens immediately becomes history. Today, I am proud to say that this is one of those days. If you already visited the YouTube home page, you will know what I’m talking about, since the logo looks a little different.

YouTube is celebrating Minecraft, but not because creepers have taken over their headquarters. We also celebrate that the content of Minecraft has reached 1 billion views on YouTube. And it’s all thanks to you and the community! Well, they have not only followed us, but have created this content.

Everyone at Mojang Studios is in awe of the creativity and resourcefulness the community shows us every day. Their constructions, the tutorials they prepare, the comments, everything inspires us to make Minecraft the best game possible. For this reason, we want to thank you with all our heart.

We wanted to create something to mark this milestone. After all, it is the first time this has happened in the history of the Internet. We tried to include as many tributes as we could, but as you can imagine, 1 billion is a huge number !, so there was no way to include all the glitches, SMP moments, sprint races, kills, walkthroughs, builds, mods, cheats, pranks , theories, history lessons, deep dives and music videos. Before I get dancing, let’s reveal our tribute to Minecraft content on YouTube!

I think it was enough for today. Let’s keep celebrating Minecraft, after all there is a lot of content to explore!