Yu Huang, The Jade Emperor, available now in a Celestial Smite update

The Jade Emperor Update heralds the arrival of Yu Huang, the long-awaited Lord of the Chinese Pantheon, available now at Hurt on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.

There was a time when the Heavenly Court had no leader, it was in disarray in the face of many demons and terrors throughout the ancient world. During this time, Yu Huang wandered the lands to spread enlightenment to man and god. Yu Huang became heartbroken and tired from encountering him, and finally retreated to a mountain cave to cultivate Dao from him. During this millennial absence, a Demon King rose to conquer the heavens and the earth, waging war against the disorganized Heavenly Court. Although they fought hard, the gods finally succeeded, and this Demon King also withdrew from the world. Time passed and the Demon King returned to lead a large army, but so did Yu Huang. Taking to the skies, the Jade Emperor challenged the Demon King and defeated him, not by force but by benevolence and wisdom. When all was done, the ruler of rulers ascended and the Jade Emperor took the throne from him.

Smite - Jade Emperor

Yu Huang has been a long-requested inclusion of the Chinese Pantheon, a new mage in Hurt embodying wisdom and compassion. Also known as The Jade Emperor, his quest for the Dao is evident through many of his abilities, but especially his passive Dao Master, allowing him to attune to the Dao to make his basic attacks chain together and enhance his abilities. skills. Flames of the Phoenix conjures up ash in an X shape, which gathers for a huge burst of flame; if you’re tuned in, the blast will also lower the magical protections of enemies inside. Alongside this, Yu Huang’s Ultimate Dueling Dragons summons the Pearl Dragon to oppose Yu Huang’s dragon form, colliding together for a huge explosion, and an even bigger explosion for those attuned to his Dao.

Smite - Jade Emperor

However, that’s not all for the update; The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are back, with a new Super Shredder Skin available exclusively on Prime Gaming! While the new Super Shredder Ravana Skin won’t be available until May, all of your favorite Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle skins are back. right now with the return of the Cowabunga chest with two newer skins: Retro Raphael Loki and Krang Xing Tian! So if you are a fan of pizza and crime fighting, this will be a great upgrade for you.

Smite - Jade Emperor

Keep an eye out for the Almighty Archon Zeus bundle, featuring an incredible new skin for the Ruler of the Greek Pantheon, the awesome Storm Bringer Avatar, and 400 gems. Take a trip with the new Magic Dragon Tiamat skin found in the psychedelic chest.

Last but not least, as the Jade Emperor descends onto the battlefields, don’t forget the Heavenly Light Event. Continue following the epic story and unlock the Queen of Cards Izanami T5 skin!

We can’t wait for you to experience all of this new content and more in Battleground of the Gods, on your Xbox today.

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