Zack Snyder could direct the next Marvel movie

The next Marvel Studios movie at UCM could end up being directed by Zack Snyder, according to the latest reported information.

Zack Snyder could end up directing the next movie Marvel Studios. According to the latest rumors that have been reported on social networks, the director of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and the League of Justice is being tested by the study of Kevin Feig to lead a project MCU Phase 5. A phase that is obviously still under construction. But that, if true, would feature one of today’s most controversial and divisive filmmakers.

The man who orchestrated the DC Universe in the cinema before being disowned by Warner Bros. Pictures could end up in the “competition”. It is not the first time that the name of Zack Snyder comes to the fore and is directly related to Marvel Studios. It should be noted that the filmmaker has become quite a popular guy, both inside and outside the United States. Perhaps his tone and style do not match anything with those of the UCM, but the truth is that it would cause an unprecedented media earthquake. And surely it would be profitable in the economic section.

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What movie could this director direct? What franchise suits you?

One of the aspects that has always been related to Zack Snyder is that of “darkness”. But what Marvel Studios character or franchise could “hit” this filmmaker? What story could end up doing in a universe like this? Many times it has been said that Daredevil It would come in handy, but the truth is that The Punisher it would be exceptional.

a guy like Frank Castle, with such a dark and emotional story of revenge, with the use of violence, firearms and willpower, would be an extraordinarily faithful vehicle for the characteristic work of this type. We would buy a movie The Punisher like this, don’t you?