Zombie Army 4 adds Left 4 Dead characters for free, including Coach and Ellis

Revolt announced that Zombie Army 4 added a ton of free DLC for players to grab, featuring characters from Valve’s beloved Left 4 Dead franchise.

Players who have downloaded the update will find that Coach, Ellis, Nick and Rochelle have joined the undead-blasting antics as playable characters. Meanwhile, the new Return to Hell campaign missions are up for grabs for Season Pass 3 holders, or as standalone DLC.

In Return to Hell, Alpha Squad ventures into the underworld, this time depicted as a ghostly manifestation of Schweiger’s ghost, and it’s your job to rescue him from the clutches of Baron Umbra.

In addition to the free characters and the new campaign, there’s also a ton of other paid goodies, including the Horror Headgear Pack, the Flare Gun Weapon Bundle, the Van Helsing Weapon Skins, and the Horror Charm Pack 2.

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The Return to Hell DLC can be purchased now for Season Pass 3 holders or purchased separately for £5.59 / $6.99.